Family Vacation 2013

So much has happened in the last year I feel like I am always playing catch-up with blogging. I'm not going to make any empty promises of back-blogging (a phrase I just made up referring to blogging about things that happened months ago) but instead just write about our recent adventures.

The last epic adventure we went on was just last week. We went on a vacation starting with 4th of July weekend in Logan with family and friends. Every time we are in Logan we miss it more and more. No offense Vernal, but our current city of residence is kinda pathetic, although I will keep the complaining to a minimum. In fact, I use to hate Logan up until about a year ago and now I just can't get enough of the greenery, the great shopping and restaurants, good family and friends, and it never gets too hot (sometimes it gets too cold).  

We went to the Cache Valley Cruise-In, shot off fireworks and barbecued with friends.

Monday we headed out of town after lunch to the family cabin in Island Park. Here is the cabin's blog. Once we got there we walked the river walk to the boat launch and tipped some dead trees over. Jack got quite a kick out of tree-tipping.

Tuesday Max and I went golfing and the Island Park Village Resort. The price was pretty steep but we had a good time. Later that night the Shepherds arrived.

Wednesday morning we did a little 4-wheeling while we waited for the Spinnings to arrive and when they did we went canoeing.

Thursday was spent all day in Yellowstone. We didn't see nearly as many animals as we usually do, but the kids didn't know the difference and were elated when we did see something.

Old Faithful

Old Faithful was a lot of fun and the dads even jumped into Firehole River. The rest of us wanted to join, but it was raining and a little chilly. We had dinner at Gusher Pizza afterwards. Half the kids fell asleep in the car and the rest shortly after getting home.

Friday we did some more 4-wheeling and after lunch we went back to West Yellowstone to do some shopping and take pictures in front of the Yellowstone sign.

Later the Shepherds left and the rest of us went fishing in Henry's Fork. Lindsay and Vinny caught fish and Jack broke down because he was dying to cut one open with his new pocketknife. We had a really fun time.

Overall we had a really fun week. About half way through the vacation I could tell we really needed it. Life has been so stressful lately. We have put two single parent families together to make a family of four, I just got a second job, we have been working on finding a bigger/cheaper apartment, we have been pushing Jackson to talk more (which he has, thankfully), we drive every weekend to drop off or pick up our kids, among other stresses.
This vacation hit the right spot. We all cut loose and enjoyed our time away from reality. Now we are home and refreshed.
P.S. I wish we had taken more pictures of our families, sorry guys!


Alyssa Harper said...

Looks like you've been having an amazing summer! So fun to hear about you and your lovely family!

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